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2000 page views!

thanks to everybody who took the time to look at my work
Just got back from Miami

Participated in Esoteric Illusions art show with the Art Fusion Gallery.

Over 1000 visitors came to the show

everything went great
just got a new website set up

still working things out on it
but i think it looks pretty good for now...
real easy
been away for awhile preparing for my first solo show at Ken Barber Clothing in Atlanta

everything went perfect
i couldn't be happier

thanks to everyone who came out to the show on Friday night

pictures will be posted soon
i have a twitter page now

i will be using it to post pics of my works in progress

taking pictures of my stuff as i do a little bit more day by day

i thought it was a good idea

so if you're interested take a look
I've been put up on artist spotlight

so go check it out for me and all that.